Online Resources

VisChem resources grouped by topic

Freely-downloadable multimedia videos, animations, and student worksheets are available from the Scootle site, and grouped by topic in the new Australian Chemistry Curriculum.

Types of VisChem Resources


These narrated videos combine laboratory footage of substances and reactions, with molecular-level animations depicting the structures and processes involved, and the symbolic formulas and equations used to describe them. They are designed to be shown in segments illustrating the observable, molecular and symbolic thinking levels in chemistry. The scripts for the videos can be downloaded too.


The VisChem molecular-level animations in the multimedia videos are also available as separate resources for you to use in your own teaching materials. Building-block animations showing individual atoms, ions, and molecules are available for use as visual keys to the corresponding multi-molecular animations.


Sample worksheets are available as examples of learning activities to reinforce and transfer key ideas in the animations and multimedia videos.

Free access to downloadable resources

Click here to go directly to all the VisChem resources on Scootle, supported by the Australian Government Department of Education, and managed by Education Services Australia.